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Top quality production

Certified ISO 22000 2005 / FFFSD

Green Beans

At Pure Cup we roast high quality graded green beans from origins as far flung as Guatemala and Tanzania.

Our beans are selected to ensure both the balance in our blends and the unique terroir taste in our single origins.



Using state of the art software, we deliver a consistent artisanal coffee experience. Our roasting profiles are designed to accentuate the distinct flavour notes in every origin allowing our customers to literally travel the world one cup at a time.


Precision grinding

The more perfect the grind the more perfect the extraction. With this in mind, Our Sophisticated grinding operation is designed to optimise the size and shape of every coffee particle ensuring consistency and maximising extraction.


Nitrogen flushing

Fresh coffee is great coffee. At Pure Cup we flush all our coffee with high purity nitrogen before sealing it in our closed system capsules. Ensuring that your coffee tastes as fresh as the day it was roasted.